CSA Wide Baseball Rules

1.01 The official game clock for the early games in all leagues shall start at 5:45 PM regardless of when the first pitch is thrown or whe
ther both teams are ready. The only exception is if the umpire crew for that game is not present. But once the umpire crew arrives and is in place, the game clock shall start immediately.
1.02 No new batter shall bat after two hours from the official start of the game. At that point, the game shall be suspended to be resumed at a later date set by the vice president for baseball.
(1) Rule 1.02 shall not be applicable to an “early” game if there is no “late” game scheduled for that field.
(2) In the “late” game, upon agreement of both head coaches, the game may continue until the end of the current inning. If the game is tied at the conclusion of that inning, the game shall be suspended to be resumed at a later date set by the vice president for baseball.
1.03 The vice president for baseball or, in the absence of the vice president for baseball, the board member designated as the park monitor for the evening may waive the time limitations set forth in rule 1.02 but should only consider to do so if the home team is at bat and the visitors have already recorded at least two outs in the home half of the inning.
2.01 A player who arrives at a game after the first pitch shall be allowed to play. He or she will be added to the bottom of the roster in the official scorebook.
2.02 If a player is sick or injured, it will not constitute an out when he comes to bat. If a player does not bat due to disciplinary actions, it is an out.
2.03 If a coach knows a player will not be able to play the entire game, the coach must inform the opposing head coach, the umpire and the official scorekeeper of such fact PRIOR TO THE FIRST PITCH. The Coach shall give an approximate time as to when the player will need
to leave. Only if those conditions have been complied with, then should the player’s turn come to bat after the player has left the game, it will not constitute an out.