CSA Rules

1.0 – Park / Fields

1.1 - Field Scheduling (Adopted January 2011)

To maximize the utilization of the fields at Beaullieu Park and other parks that CSA has been granted access by the Parish and/or other organizations, CSA will schedule teams for the fields using the following:

  1. 1)  CSA Recreational teams will be given priority on all fields.
  2. 2)  If there is an open practice spot and no CSA Recreational team has requested that open spot then a non-CSA team may request the spot on the following conditions:
    1. The non-CSA team has current CSA Recreational Players on its team and/or the non-CSA team has a CSA Board Member associated with its team; and
    2. The request is within 72 hours of the open time (during a CSA season [fall/spring]).
  3. 3)  If scheduled the team must clean the dugouts, rake the fields, and replace base/mound covers. The intent is to keep the park cleaner than you found it and to care for the fields.
  4. 4)  CSA reserves the right to refuse to schedule any team even if the above three requirements have been met.

2.0 – Players (Evaluations, Drafts)

2.1 – Player Evaluations:

  1. Give two evaluation forms to each coach
  2. Coach fills out one of the evaluation forms
  3. RATING SCALE: 1 – 5 (With 1 being the BEST)
  4. Coach fills out second form with just the Total column filled to hand back into coordinator. (PUT COACH NAME ON FORM IN CASE OF QUESTION)
  5. Coaches Total Ratings are put into the spreadsheet to get a ranking for all players. (Players will be ranked from top to bottom)

2.2 - Draft (Adopted January 2012)

  1. Coaches will select numbers from hat to determine draft order
  2. Oldest age group gets drafted first
  3. Go through list and highlight coach’s children and determine what round they go in. [For example: 10 teams, coach’s son is ranked #14 he will go in the second round. If he is #10 then he is a first round pick for that coach]
  4. Go through list and discuss players that did not show up to draft. If more than half of the coaches know the player and agree on how he is ranked then he will be ranked, and on the board. (Otherwise he will be a hat pick)
  5. Top Players are on the board (# of teams plus 2) [For example: If ten teams then top 12 players are on the board to be drafted by the first coach]
  6. Team 1 drafts a player.
  7. Then the next player in line goes up on the board to always maintain # of teams plus 2 on the board.
  8. Draft from 1 to the end on round one. Round 2 then starts with the coach that drafted last in the first round (this is a snaking draft). Round 3 will start with the coach that drafted first in the first round.
  9. If there are less than the # of teams plus 2 players left from players that showed up to draft or that were ranked by the coaches (in part 4) then the coach drafting has the right to select off the board or pull a player from the hat (one that did not show up). ALL PLAYERS THAT DID NOT SHOW UP AND WERE NOT RANKED BY THE COACHES (as per part 4) WILL BE PLACED IN THE HAT TO BE SELECTED FROM.
  10. Draft until full rounds are done. [For example: If ten teams and there are 55 players then there will be 5 rounds, with 5 players left].
  11. Start lower age group – Coach that drafted last in the upper age group will draft first in the lower age group.
  12. Same rules as above for the lower age group (this is a snaking draft).
  13. Note: A coach at any time can go to the upper age group and select a player that was not selected.

After drafts – Players will be assigned to the teams and the coaches will be given their roster information.

3.0 – All Stars

3.1 - All Star Selection – Coach (Adopted January 2012)

If there are multiple coaches that desire to coach an all star team then the following procedure will be used.

  1. All coaches must be certified as required by Parish and CSA organization rules.
  2. The coach (seeking to be the all star coach) with the best record will be assigned one point.
  3. The league coaches will then vote for one of the coaches (seeking to be the all star coach). The coach with the greater number of votes will be assigned one point.
  4. If a coach (seeking to be the all star coach) has two points then that coach will be the all star coach.
  5. If there are two coaches each with one point after step two, then a panel consisting of the coordinator of the league, the commissioner of the sport and the President of CSA will vote for the all star coach, awarding one of the coaches a point. The coach with two points will be the all star coach. (If there is no coordinator, or one of the three people on the panel have to recuse themselves [i.e. – is seeking to be the all star coach] then the remaining two panel members shall vote. Should the remaining panel members fail to agree the President of CSA will appoint a third person to the panel)

The all star coach is allowed to select his/her assistant coaches. All coaches must be certified as required by Parish and CSA organization rules. The all star coach must also identify one of his coaches as the business manager. This business manager is charged with handling any business of the all-star team, primarily collecting the birth certificates of the selected players.

3.2 - All Star Selection – Players (Adopted January 2012)

All players are available to be selected for all star play, regardless of their availability to participate. Only coaches certified as required by Parish and CSA organization rules are allowed to vote for all star players.

  1. A coach from each team will nominate players from their team for all star consideration. The coach is allowed to provide any pertinent information regarding the nominated player and a discussion between all of the coaches regarding the player will follow if necessary.
  2. After each coach nominates their players, any coach can nominate any player from any other team that has not previously been nominated.
  3. Once all players have been nominated, each certified coach will rank all of the players on a ballot in order with their top player being one. (If there are twenty players then the coaches will rank players from 1 to 20). Note: only certified coaches, as required by parish and CSA organization rules, are allowed to vote. Only one certified coach per team is allowed to vote.
  4. The coordinator / commissioner (person running the all star selection) will collect all of the ballots.
  5. After the meeting, the coordinator/commissioner will tabulate the ballots and will rank the players from one to the end (smallest total number first).
  6. The coordinator/commissioner will begin making phone calls to the players selected. The coordinator/commissioner will continue to make calls going down the list until the maximum number of players have agreed to play. [If the team allows 12 players then the coordinator/commissioner will start calling players 1 – 12. If all accept then those are the 12 all star players, should one of the players turn down the selection then the coordinator/commissioner will call the 13th player and so on until 12 players are selected. Note: Not all all star teams are 12 player teams [The address and birth certificate of each player selected will have to be verified by the Parish prior to a player’s participation in the all star season. At CSA we do not verify address or the ages provided by parents. If a coach knows a player is playing out of league (unless previously approved by the City) or out of the correct age group, that player will not be allowed to play as an all star for CSA. Any player that mistakenly played “up” in another league will not be able to play all stars in the lower league in which he/she did not play.]
  7. After receiving the commitments the coordinator/commissioner will provide the all star team roster to the all star coach.