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CSA 2019 Pony 14U All-Star Parish Champions



The Spring Baseball/Tee-Ball program at CSA is for children ages 5 -14 divided into five different leagues:

  • Shetland (TEE-BALL for ages 5-6)
  • Pinto (machine-pitch for ages 7-8)
  • Mustang (ages 9-10)
  • Bronco (ages 11-12)
  • Pony (ages 13-14).

The Fall Baseball program at CSA is for children ages 6 - 14 divided into four different leagues.  Mustang, Bronco and Pony  will play throughout the parish.

  • Pinto (machine-pitch for ages 6-8) - Will Play at CSA Only
  • Mustang (ages 9-10)
  • Bronco (ages 11-12) and  
  • Pony (ages 13-14)

For Spring Baseball/Tee-Ball, a child's age as of August 31st, determines the league in which they will play.  For example, even if your child may be 6 years old at the time of sign-ups but will turn 7 on or before August 31st, he will play in the Pinto league.  At the time of signups, we will make certain your child gets added to the correct league.  For Fall Baseball, it is the age as of August 31st of the the following year.  For example, if your chld turns 9 before August 31st, 2019 he is eligible to play Mustang Fall Baseball.

A message from our Baseball Commissioner:

Spring 2020

My name is Yogi Barras and I’m fairly new to the CSA Board and brand new to the position of Baseball Commissioner for CSA. But I’ve been around and involved at CSA as a parent and Coach long enough to understand the challenge you face as a parent making the choice to participate at CSA for baseball instead of the other local options.
There’s no denying the appeal of the facilities upgrade available at Youngsville Sports Complex or St. Julien, yet I and many others take pride in continuing to invest our energy and time at CSA for one reason: I believe in the importance of truly recreational sports for children. Rec sports should be the safe space where kids can learn age appropriate life lessons in the context of fun competition…and I hope you’ll make the choice to let your child be a part of that at CSA.
Of course, part of the fun of sports is competing, and winners should be rewarded ultimately, but children deserve a place where they don’t have to make the team or worry about whether they’ll get a chance to play for their team. Life will afford plenty other chances for them to learn that their worth is based on how well they perform…at CSA we have a chance to show them they are worth the investment of our time and energy simply because they are our children.
Now I’ve also been around CSA long enough to recognize a couple other things: first, there is much room for improvement, and second, that ground can only be made up by enlisting far more of the talent of willing parents than we have in the past. Parents who may not be ready to coach a team but are quite able to help in other ways. We need you. We need your ideas. We need your enthusiasm. We need your energy. And more than ever, I hope to make it easier for you to know how, when, and where you can be a help to not only sustaining, but growing CSA into the future.
I can’t wait for another season of CSA baseball, and I hope you’re excited as well. Registration is now open, and some exciting changes are being planned to make this year the best ever at CSA. Stay tuned for exciting announcements and contact me at to find out how you can be a part of the great organization!

Volunteers & Sponsorships:

Our Volunteers and Sponsors are what makes CSA successful. We are a non-profit organization and want to offer the best experience for your children. Our Volunteers are what drives our mission and our Sponsors help fund the necessities to succeed, such as referees, umpires, park maintenance and much more. We will send out more information on new Sponsorship Opportunities.

Spring Baseball Schedule:

Saturday, February 22 – CSA Park/ Field Prep Day
We will ask for volunteers to help us get the park and fields ready for the season. More information to follow.

Sunday, February 23 – CSA Park/ Field Prep Day

Week of February 24 – Spring Training
CSA will offer voluntary Spring Training for all players interested in getting in baseball shape for the season. More information to follow.

Saturday, February 29 – CSA Park/ Field Prep Day

Sunday, March 1 – CSA Park/ Field Prep Day

Week of March 2 – Spring Training
More information to follow.

Week of March 9 – Baseball Evaluations
Specific dates and times to be announced.

March 13 - 15 – CSA Baseball Teams Drafted

Week of March 16 – Teams Practice

Week of March 23 – Teams Practice

Week of March 30 – Teams Practice

Saturday, April 4 – CSA Baseball Jamboree

Week of April 6 – Teams Practice

Monday, April 13 – CSA In-House Baseball Season begins

June 4 – 8 – CSA End of Season Tournament

On behalf of all of the Volunteers and Board Members at CSA, we look forward to seeing you at the Park.

"You're playing a game, whether it's Little League or Game 7 of the Word Series. It's impossible to do well unless you're having a good time. People talk about pressure. Yeah, there's pressure. But I just look at it as fun."

Derek Jeter