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Welcome to CSA

Welcome to Cajun Sports Association - CSA. We are an all volunteer organization in Lafayette, Louisiana serving the Pius and Milton Districts of Lafayette dedicated to providing children with a quality environment to learn and enjoy the lessons of sports.  Please note that according to parish rules only youth residing within the CSA district are allowed to participate in our programs.  Please see this map to determine boundaries.

Baseball/Softball evaluations will be the week of March 19th. The season begin April 14th with a Jamboree.

Registration this year for baseball and softball costs $100 per player plus a $20 concessions fee. A $10 discount applies to the second child, a $20 discount applies to the third child and the fourth child and beyond do not pay a registration fee. Each Baseball team will be required to obtain a sponsor for $300.

Before registering, please verify that you live within the CSA Boundaries. Otherwise your child will at the very least be unable to participate in All Star Play and likely will not be allowed (at the discretion of the city - LPRD) to participate in Parish Athletics for an entire year. Any waiver request should be submitted to the City as CSA cannot grant such a waiver.

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