1. Teams may use ten (10) players on defense, however, four (4) must play in an outfield position. An outfielder cannot assume the role of an infielder, specifically, an outfielder cannot cover or occupy a base. In order to retire a batter/baserunner , the outfielder must throw the ball to an infielder.
  2. A ball hit over a fence or a drawn chalkline will be a homerun. A ball rolling under the fence or past the drawn chalkline will be a ground rule double, no batter or baserunner may advance more than two (2) bases regardless of where the ball is within the playing field.
  3. The batting order does not change. Each participant bats in the same order whether they are on defense or offense.
  4. One (1) coach is allowed on the field while the team is on defense. Any interference with a batted ball, a player (offense or defense), bases, etc. will constitute an extra base award.
  5. A ten (10) foot circle in the playing area around home plate will be drawn. Any ball hit off the tee in this area, prior to being touched, that comes to rest in the circle will be a foul ball.