Concession Worker Fee:

For years, the policy at CSA had been to require parents to work one night out of the season at the concessions stand with their team.  A few years ago, when asked whether the parents would rather work the concessions or simply pay an additional $20 at registration, a survey of parents who worked in the concessions stand showed unanimous agreement that parents would rather pay the additional $20 and not have to worry about working.  After implementing the fee in 2011, we only had one parent ask to work the shift.  Through 2016, we have still only had one parent work the shift.

Such a plan benefits our wonderful coaches who will not have to worry about coordinating a date to work and making sure they have enough parents show up.  It also benefits our equally wonderful concessions manager who never knows if a team is going to remember to show up, or, if they do show up, whether it will be more than just 2 or 3 parents.  It benefits customers as a regular crew operates more quickly and efficiently and will not have to fumble around trying to figure out the cost of a Frito-Pie (or whatever your culinary pleasure might be).  This means you should get through the line quicker.

So, in addition to the registration fee, there will be an additional $20 per child “concession worker fee” added to your total payment.  However, the board is mindful that some parents might not want to incur the cost of such a fee.  So, while all players will be charged the fee at registration, a parent who wants to work and thus “opt-out” of the concession worker fee can do so.  Parents will be refunded the $20 fee upon completion of their shift in the concessions stand.  Parents seeking to opt-out of the fee will need to contact the concessions manager to schedule a night to work.